CrossingPoints is a transition program on The University of Alabama campus. CrossingPoints is a collaboration between UA and the Tuscaloosa City and County School Systems. This site provides information on our students, staff, how to volunteer, and how to become one of CrossingPoints jobsites, along with other information relevant to our program.



CrossingPoints is a partnership between The University of Alabama’s Department of Special Education & Multiple Abilities in the College of Education and the Tuscaloosa City and County School Systems. The purpose of CrossingPoints is to provide transition services for students with disabilities ages 18-21. Students participating in CrossingPoints receive hands-on instruction in vocational/employment aspects of transition in specially selected or assigned job sites at The University of Alabama. The students spend up to three hours a day, four days a week in real job settings, while receiving instruction in employment related skills and some functional academics related to independent living skills. The CrossingPoints Transition Model helps employers better understand the realities and advantages of hiring people with disabilities.